Storr 500

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Radically utilitarian, unashamedly bold, undeniably Brixton: the Storr was designed to tread the narrow path between essential Brixton purism and fresh, raw wildness. The name comes from the rock formation of the same name on the Isle of Skye in Scotland – the rugged design of the adventure bike is modelled on the wild landscape of the rugged north.

Everything about the Storr serves a purpose, nothing is just tinsel. The high front not only gives it a striking presence, but also protects the rider from the elements and offers optimal visibility of the large TFT info screen. The side front panels protect the mighty steel fuel tank and offer mounting options for the most important travel utensils. Thanks to the slim ergonomics and the forward-sloping tank shoulders, you can stand comfortably on off-road stages and have sufficient clearance to move around. A large luggage rack is fitted at the rear and long bars for the pillion passenger can be adapted for various types of luggage.